Markets and Products

Market and Products (2007 – Present)

At Pattesons we distribute a wide range of glass jars, Bottles and containers through a whole host of external manufactures that are trusted to create high quality Glassware.

Our Range:

Pattesons Range of glassware is separated into two main groups, containers for food products (Marmalade, Jam’s, Chutney’s ect) and Bottles (Beers, Spirits, Wines and Gourmet products). Within these groups Pattesons has chosen to specialise in jars and bottles with a variety of choice, with shapes ranging from hexagonal to square and many more. It’s not just the shape of jar or bottle that we can alter, the size and colour can be tailored to individual customers needs helping us to have one of the most unique product stockist in the UK.

Not only do Pattesons offer containers, we have an extensive range of caps and closures to suit. These closures come in a wide variety of materials (Natural, Plastic and synthetic, metal corks, caps and swing tops ) On top of that Pattesons Glass offer a selection of sizes and colours to suit which have all been tailored in order to withstand heat treatment and respective laws for the food, drink and toiletry  industries (Pasteurisation and sterilisation)

Pattesons have taken their knowledge of glassware and have launched into the cosmetics, candles and perfumery markets. The Pattesons range now includes; candle glass, diffuser bottles, various sizes of bottles and jars with a variety of fitments.

Pattesons can now announce they are the Uk distributor for Le Parfait brand.

Products on request.

Pattesons glass wholesale and our buy online sections showcase just a small range of products at our disposal. Our buy online section is dedicated to products we stock regularly whereas our wholesale page illustrates products easily sourced on request. If you are after a specialised item or have seen a product elsewhere we will look into the possibility of bringing it in as long as minimal quantities are met.